Sunday, October 30, 2011


One of the things they ask you immediately upon entering a toy store is, "Mam, pang-ilang taon?" (What age are you shopping for?) Sometimes, I just raise my eyebrows at them and ignore them. Or sometimes, I blurt out, 44 years old, just to look at their reaction. More often, I do the former. Because it is with more than a bit of embarrassment that I have to admit I'm shopping for myself.

So, why is a 44-year old woman in a toy store buying Barbie dolls? It is, to most people, a social aberration. At some point when a girl moves from childhood to adolescent, they shift their interest from toys to boys, and their once-loved dolls get stored, handed down, or sold in garage sales. That's what is considered normal. Because we mature and shed the need for toys.

But, I guess I'm not normal. So, the question is, why? What's this obsession all about?

Is it because I have no kids, and I need to indulge my maternal instinct to dress up little people?

Is it because as a kid, I was deprived of Barbies?

Is it because I'm overweight, and the only way I can live the fashionista life, is vicariously through inanimate, perfectly-formed, 11-inch creatures?

 Is it because I'm a frustrated artist with only a modicum of talent and this is the only kind of art I can be crafty enough to pursue?

I guess it's all of the above. Plus because Barbies are really purty, and they make me happy.

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